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Why Join
A Brand New, Affiliate Opportunity
Sure to put Money into a lot of Affiliate Pockets!

Ground Breaking Technology
Free TV...all you need is to purchase the receiver

Never Pay Cable or Satelite Fees Again!

You can even earn Residual Income
Free Affiliate:

- Zero cost. Completely FREE to join and earn from your sales.
- Opportunity to earn extra income
- You earn $40.00 for each receiver you sell (20% of product cv)
- As easy as placing a text link or banner on a website. Or create   business cards or fliers for offline sales.
- No need to worry about filling orders, shipping or financial transactions. All that is done for you.
- A Free Member can qualify as Pro if they Personally Sponsor 2 new Members that upgrade to Pro in a given calendar month.

Pro Member:

- Pro members have a number of extra income opportunities including higher fast start bonuses, leadership bonuses and get paid on sales by affiliates made deeper down in their network. Along with lower product prices and a savings app. Anyone interested in this can read more on the site after joining as a free affiliate.
- Pro members pay a monthly fee so are not actually affiliates any more as a pure affiliate program should be free. Pro members can also become distributors buying low and selling at retail prices.

Join Free Now

There are 2 Income Opportunities

What do Affiliates Earn

Free affiliates earn 20% of CV (commissionable value) of the products. The receivers sell for $349. US retail and pro members can puchase single units at $249. and $199. on volume. The CV on them is $200. so free affiliates earn $40.00 for every purchase made through their personal link that they receive after registering ($60.00 for pro). Free affiliates also earn a commission from any pro packs they sell. This is where they can also earn a residual income 3 levels deep every month on pro members renewals. But free affiliates must sell 2 pro packs in one calender month to be eligible.


Payouts on all new sales are made weekly and residual income payouts are made monthly.

How Does VStreamtv Work?

The best way to describe it is back before cable and satellite people had antennas on their roof that would pick up the tv channel signals and display them on their tv. Well Vstreamtv works much the same way only via the internet. The receiver people purchase does the job of the antenna. The receiver grabs the signals that are all flowing through the internet and allows them to be displayed on your tv. Unlike a program say like Netflixs though Vstreamtv grabs all the signals including live tv, all series, recent release movies, live sports and more. Over 1,000 channels from around the world and basically every movie ever made! And everything commercial free and in HD where available!

Watch the below video to see what you would be selling...Really Cool!

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Vstreamtv Video Demo

Is There Competition

Yes, NuWaytv if you want to compare opportunities.


Buy your own receiver through vstreamtv, sell a few people on the idea and you could end up with the unit for FREE. Plus pocket the money on any other sales you make. If you elect to go pro and pursue a bigger income and make this into a business, that is your choice to make. Of note though is going pro at purchase gives you 2 months pro membership with your receiver for the same price as a retail order!

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