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Backgammon Affiliate Program
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Promote the largest online backgammon community and get paid for it. This backgammon affiliate program is completely free to join and easy to promote. Unlike poker, sports betting etc., backgammon is not classed in the gambling group making it easier to promote.

You can select to be paid via CPA or revenue sharing which has always been my preference in affiliate programs where available. CPA means a one time payment whereas revenue sharing is for life of the customer or player.

Backgammon Affiliate Program Highlights:

- No negative monthly balance carry overs.
- 20% to 35% net profit revenue sharing. $25. to $50. CPA
- You move up in income levels once you have hit earnings totals based on your earnings since joining the program. Not on monthly volumes which makes it easier for all affiliates to increase their % earnings.
- Average conversion rates: Targeted traffic, 1 in 20 - 40 clicks becomes a real money player. Untargeted traffic, 1 in 200 clicks become a real money player.
- 2 Tier affiliate program allowing you to earn 15% of sub affiliates earnings.
- More than 1 million players and the #1 backgammon site means longer player retention.

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