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A Brand New, Affiliate Opportunity
Sure to put Money into a lot of Affiliate Pockets!

Ground Breaking Technology
Free TV...all you need is to purchase the receiver

Never Pay Cable or Satelite Fees Again!

You can even earn Residual Income

NuWayTV - How Does it Work?

The best way to describe it is back before cable and satellite people had antennas on their roof that would pick up the tv channel signals and display them on their tv. Well NuWayTV works much the same way only via the internet. The receiver people purchase does the job of the antenna. The receiver grabs the signals that are all flowing through the internet and allows them to be displayed on your tv. Unlike a program say like Netflixs though NuWayTV grabs all the signals including live tv, all series, new release movies, live sports, and more. Over 1,000 channels from around the world and basically every movie ever made! And everything commercial free and in HD where available!

Unlike other companies the NuWayTV receiver also comes with a mini keyboard and mouse. This allows you to turn your TV into a computer so that you can access Email, YouTube, Skype, Web Browsing, Video Chat and more. The NuWayTV receiver package cost is a one time $299.00 fee. No Monthly fees of any kind!
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If you would simply like to be able to own a receiver at the least cost to you, buy your own receiver through nuwaytv, sell a few people on the idea and you could end up with the unit for FREE. Plus pocket the money on any other sales you make. Once you have your unit up and running in your own home and people see what you have and find out what you are saving many will want one as well.

If you elect to make this into a business you could potentially make a lot of money. Streaming TV is only now in its infancy. Take advantage of getting in early and the opportunity this presents for you. As an affiliate your job is only to create interest in the product by making others aware of it. You direct them to the NuWayTV site via your affiliate link. Your customers purchase direct from the company. The company handles everything from shipping to customer service. You get paid $50. for each direct sale and can earn $10. per sale from sub-affiliate sales up to your 6th level. Make 25 unique sales and earn to infinite levels in depth of each leg at the same rate of $25. per sale.

Great Product, Great Income Opportunity, Now all you Need do is Take Advantage of it!

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Affiliate compensation plan chart. Of note, remember to earn on levels 2 thru 6 as well as being eligible for the Infinity Bonus you must purchase a unit for yourself. If you don't have the money at present to do so or just want to wait, then wait. Sell some units and earn your $50. commissions and use that money to get your own unit and open up the rest of the compensation plan at that time. Or if you are happy just to sell direct only and don't care about the rest of the opportunity then do just that.

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